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Start in Salta and end in Tucumán! With the bus / tour Salta.

You have a 5-day package that will take you from Salta to Tucumán, Argentina. Salta & Tucumán is a group tour that includes an expert guide, transportation and accommodation.
Does not include flights or internal buses.

Salta & Tucumán 5 days

  • Day 1 - Transfer from Salta Airport or Bus Terminal
    Transfer from Salta Airport or Bus Terminal to the Hotel according to the chosen area
    It includes

    - Capacity up to 3 adults (or combination with children up to 6 years)

    - Tolls and Parking included

    - Without time limit

    The units are spacious, have air conditioning and heating. Service without additional expenses. Final rate per vehicle. Children over 3 years pay the same as adults.
    Day 2 - Afternoon City Tour

    - Route: 70 KILOMETERS

    - Departure: 3.45 in the afternoon

    - Duration: 3 HS

    Welcome to Salta and its surroundings, this route stands out from the rest of the cities of the country due to its Hispanic appearance with the ground floor houses or a single floor, narrow streets, and sidewalks, framed in surrounding mountains, historic houses. .... In itself, the city is lovely. Founded in 1582, this retains a colonial architecture framed by hills and is ideal for getting to know an important part of the country's history and culture. We will begin our trip in Plaza 9 de Julio, the San Bernardo Convent, the oldest religious building in Salta, with its aboriginal entrance carved by aborigines, a jewel of art in Salta. The San Francisco Church with its 53-meter tower, built in 1796, this combines Baroque ornamental details, academic and neoclassical Italian styles. The Cathedral with its facade that is framed in a classic Italian style, with very complicated friezes and cornices, where the remains of Gral Martín Miguel de Güemes rest, a reference in Salta for the events of Independence. The Cabildo where the Historical Museum of the North now works. Nearby is the Church of San Francisco, one of the most beautiful Catholic temples in the North, built in 1796, this combines the ornamental details of Baroque, Italian academic and neoclassical styles. Next we will visit the hill of San Bernardo. At the foot is the Monument to General Güemes carved in the stone extracted from the same hill and this culminates with the equestrian figure of the hero, cast in bronze. We pass by the Catholic University, the Vaqueros River, Castellanos stream until we reach San Lorenzo, a picturesque city to enjoy the summer vacations of Salta, located in the Yungas sector very close to the San Lorenzo river, northwest of the Lerma Valley, where You can see an interesting and colorful landscape. The Quebrada de Lorenzo San is a place to appreciate with its high vegetation that during the summer is covered by fog, typical of the Yungas area. On the way, we visited the Handicrafts Market of Salta.

    Day 3 - Transfer to the Airport or Bus Terminal in Salta - Transfer from the Airport or Bus Terminal in Tucumán
    Transfer to the hotel according to the area chosen to the Airport or Salta bus terminal.
    The service includes:
    - Capacity up to 3 adults
    - Tolls and Parking included
    - No time limits
    - It will be picked up by the address indicated 4 hours before the time of flight departure.


    Transfer from Tucumán Airport or bus terminal to the Hotel.


    The units are spacious, have air conditioning and heating. Service without additional expenses. Final rate per vehicle. Children over 3 years pay the same as adults.

    Day 4 - City Tour

    - Duration: 3/4 HS

    Known as the Garden of the Republic, the province of Tucuman integrates the northwestern Argentina circuit and has many small cities that the visitor does not know. Its capital, San Miguel de Tucuman, is peaceful and quiet; the biggest movement occurs in the morning or afternoon because San Miguel is a seal that is the nap from 2pm to 5pm. The streets are almost empty and businesses are closed. However, at night the provincial spirit can be felt in bars, theaters, restaurants and shopping centers that open their doors from Monday to Monday until midnight. The Tucumán Congress declared national independence on July 9, 1816, in its capital. A triumphant past that today can again be lived with a magnificent sound and the play of lights every night enjoyed at Tucuman's Historic House. Archaeological trips, Jesuit trails, adventure tourism trips, trout fishing in rivers and lakes and much more. Tucuman has mountains, valleys, Yungas and jungles so that visitors can count on all the options to extend their stay. The province has the attraction such as Chalet Nougués, Cerro San Javier and Hotel del Sol, the incredible ruins of Quilmes, the famous Simoca fair, Tafi del Valle with its sister Amaicha del Valle that allows tourists to enjoy the Calchaquíes Valley and philosophy different from life since time immemorial I live in the celebrations of the Pachamama during the carnival month of February or August. Also known Tucuman for its cuisine. Empanadas Tucumanas are world famous and are part of any entry into restaurants, taverns or inns for lunch or dinner. Tamales, Humitas and other regional dishes also define the flavors of Tucumán. Then we live in the historic center and its surroundings: Historic House, Cathedral Church and Religious Temples, San Martín Theater, Legislature, Casino, 9 de Julio Park, Bishop Columbres House, Yerba Buena with its residential areas.

    Day 5 - Transfer airport or bus station in Tucumán
    Transfer from the Hotel to Tucumán Airport or bus station
    The units are spacious, have air conditioning and heating. Service without additional expenses. Final rate per vehicle. Children over 3 years pay the same as adults.


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