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There is a talk about the equipment to use and safety standards. We give the participants the technical equipment (wetsuit, neoprene boots, cockpit covers, semidry jackets, life vest, gloves for cold and helmet) and a waterproof bag so they can store their belongings and groceries. Once dressed we regulate the kayaks (passengers go in double kayaks and guides in singles); and we conduct a training on safety and evacuation, rowing back and forth, turns and brakes and the operation of the river is explained.Security and rescue manoeuvres are practiced outside the guide water helps them up and the other guide receives them and gathers the group in the river.Once the whole group is in the water practice the maneuvers and start the paddling. The guides constantly assist the participants, checking the form of rowing and safety. They are shown the functioning of the river and geomorphology of the area.The first kayak journey takes approximately 1.15 hour (8 km)In the area of Cerro Fortaleza (estancia La Meseta) we stopped for lunch and hiked along Cerro Los Hornos to a viewpoint.
Duracion: 9 horas.
Punto de partida: Pick up y Drop off por hoteles centricos

It is recommended to be 30 minutes early. 

La Leona River by Kayak - Full Day - Calafate

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