The rates are expressed in US dólar 


3 NIGHTS - Cartagena

1st Group B vs. 4th Group A - 04/07 Barranquilla Headquarters

Quarterfinals - Option 2 - Cartagena - 3 nights

  • Included services:

    ✔ Arrival and departure transfer in regular.
    ✔ 03 nights of lodging in Cartagena with breakfast (We suggest from 02/07 to 05/07).
    ✔ Transfer from the Cartagena hotel to the Barranquilla stadium and return same day
    ✔ Hospitality before the game.
    ✔ Personalized attention at destination.

    Rates in dollars per person until stock of land blocks is depleted, subject to change without notice. Rates are frozen with the payment of 100% of the value of the package.

    Once a reservation is confirmed, it enters total cancellation expenses, being a non-refundable package
    Rates are subject to change at the time of confirming the blockage.

    Hospitality: check in times are at 3:00 p.m. and check out at 10:00 a.m., without exception. In case passengers want
    enter before or withdraw later, they must pay the difference in rate that the hotel charges when confirming the reservation. The
    Extra expenses are borne by passengers.
    Transfers: Passengers must show up at the time and place indicated by the organization, with the waiting tolerance of 15
    minutes This information will be delivered to the passenger upon arrival at destination
    Documentation: the documentation to enter or leave the host country (Argentina - Colombia) will be the responsibility of each
    passenger, as well as the permanence in the country provided by the security authorities of Argentina and Colombia.
    Confirmation of reservations: reservations are confirmed with the payment of sign, and the rate will only be subject to change and modification in case
    that the indicated payment dates are not respected. All canceled reservations will be confirmed and your rate frozen. It must be sent
    Proof of payment with all passenger information (legible copy of passport and contact phone number).
    Way to pay:
    50% to reserve (non-refundable).
    50% at 30 days.
    Once the reservation is canceled there will be no refund.
    See payment method for groups.
    See pre-purchase rate and payment method.
    Ticket Conditions:
    In all cases it is indicated that the income delivered may be of the same category purchased or higher.
    Tickets for 2 people seated next to each other are guaranteed. In the case of groups, the feasibility of being able to indicate
    deliver to the group in the same sector contiguously.
    In all cases the tickets are delivered at destination. The reason is that to be able to enter the ticket to the different countries you must
    make import procedures. The delivery date will depend on the delivery date that the Event Organization designates
    do what.
    In each headquarters there will be a check point so that passengers can withdraw their tickets in a safe, orderly and with a wide
    office hours Each passenger must present their passport for their withdrawal.
    ABORIGEN , will not be responsible for the suspension and / or change of date or headquarters of the Copa América, with the refund being
    at the discretion of service providers, hotels, transfers, meals and airlines.