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We will visit the city of Santiago, a cosmopolitan city and one of the most modern in Latin America. Then we will continue with the circuit of the Carretera Austral de Chile and end with Viña del Mar.

Carretera Austral and Laguna San Rafael 9 days

  • Day 1 - Santiago de Chile
    Reception at the Santiago airport and transfer to the Hotel. Rest of the day free Night.
    Day 2 - Santiago de Chile
    Breakfast. We will visit today the city of Santiago, a cosmopolitan city that is one of the most modern in Latin America. The city perfectly combines tradition with modernity. The tour will allow you to know the origin of the city and its emblematic place such as the Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, the Post Office Building and the Municipality of Santiago. You will also visit the Casa de Moneda Presidential Palace and the most important neighborhoods of the historic center. The tour includes a visit to Cerro Santalucia, called Huelen by the original towns and being a true urban oasis in the center of the city. There you will learn more about the history of Chile and enjoy privileged views of the capital. The second part of the tour will take you to the eastern part of the capital, where the financial heart of the city is located. It is known for its modern buildings, glass towers and works of prominent national architects. Free afternoon.
    Day 3 - Santiago Balmaceda Coyhaique
    Breakfast. In the morning transfer to the airport for the flight to the Aysén Zone and Carretera Austral. Arrival and regular shared transfer from Balmaceda airport to the city of Coyhaique. On the way we can see the old town of El Blanco, the valleys of livestock and the impressive waterfall of the Pollux river, witnessing a small sample of the impressive landscape that is part of these latitudes, as we will be crossing the Andes of Patagonia Chilean Once in Coyhaique, we will make a guided walking tour, through the main attractions, streets and avenues of the city. We will visit the Ovejero Monument, a picturesque place that defines the pioneer and colonist characteristics of this region, with a strong sheep breeding activity. Then we will continue our tour through the streets of the city, where we can see several of the oldest and most typical buildings in the region, then visit the Plaza de Armas, which is characterized by its particular pentagonal distribution and a great variety of Alborean species, that make it a botanical center. We will stop at the entertaining artisans square and the delicious chocolate shops. Accommodation at HOTEL DIEGO DE ALMAGRO.
    Day 4 - Coyhaique - Marble Chapels - Coyhaique
    Breakfast. The trip starts at 8 in the morning. During the tour we can appreciate the landscape dominated by forests of lenga, coigüe and ñire, vegetation that covers the entry point to the Cerro Castillo National Reserve, composed of forests and mountains, (2675 m high) and the valley of the Ibáñez river. Later we can see the emerald green lagoon and surrounded by jungle. We will cross the El Manso bridge, then observe the valley flooded and covered with tall grasslands and dead trunks resulting from the great eruption of the Hudson Volcano in 1991. Following our path, we will enter the Portezuelo del Río Cajón (altitude of 600m). Here the load begins to descend until reaching the town of Murta, located on an arm of General Carrera Lake. We will continue along the General Carrera Lake with its blue waters until we reach the town of Puerto Río Tranquilo. Here we will navigate to the wonderful Marble Nature Shrine, a place of great scenic beauty, where the constant waves of the lake have eroded and polished the limestone, leaving beautiful caves of capricious forms and great attraction. At dusk, we will return to Coyhaique. Accommodation at HOTEL DIEGO DE ALMAGRO or similar. Day 5 - Coyhaique - Parque Queulat - Coyhaique
    Breakfast. We will go on a full day excursion to the spectacular Queulat National Park and get to know its attractive Hanging Glacier. On the way, inside the park, we will cross a part of the paths of the Enchanted Forest and we will enter the evergreen forest to appreciate the Salto of Father García. In the middle of the afternoon, we will arrive at the Puyuhuapi fjord, one of the arms of the Pacific Ocean that enters the Patagonian Andes, where little by little the hanging glacier will show its face. Here, we will enter the path of the lagoon, to appreciate even more closely the unique appearance of this impressive glacier. Then, we will continue our trip to the city of Puerto Puyuhuapi, a beautiful and small town, with colorful wooden houses and colorful gardens , faithful testimonies of the history of German colonization. At dusk, we will return to Coyhaique. Accommodation at HOTEL DIEGO DE ALMAGRO or similar.
    Day 6 - Coyhaique - San Rafael Lagoon - Coyhaique
    Breakfast. This unforgettable excursion will take place aboard a modern ship such as the "Chaitén" catamaran, which has all the comforts to make this trip a pleasant memory. We will sail 125 nautical miles between Patagonian canals, green islands and nature fjords, before our entrance to the San Rafael National Park, declared a World Biosphere Reserve. Upon entering the San Rafael Lagoon we will see floating icebergs in the water and as we approach the glacier we will feel the thunder waterfalls on the ice for thousands of years. On board of zodiac boats we will go to the even closer encounter of the San Rafael glacier and the numerous icebergs of attractive shapes and beautiful colors.At the end of the Zodiac Tour, we will enjoy an exquisite Whiskey or Pisco with millenary ice and we will begin our return to Puerto Chacabuco. At dusk, we will return to Coyhaique. Accommodation at HOTEL DIEGO DE ALMAGRO or similar.
    Day 7 - Coyhaique - Balmaceda Airport
    Breakfast. Regular transfer to Balmaceda airport. Arrival to Santiago Transfer to the hotel. Rest of the day off.
    Day 8 - Viña del Mar and Valparaíso
    Breakfast. Viña del Mar and Valparaíso are part of the destinations in Chile that cannot be missed. Known as "Garden City", originally surrounded by large green areas and reserving beautiful gardens and extensive gardens in its urban area, Viña del Mar is undoubtedly one of Chile's must-see destinations, with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop. It highlights the beauty of its architecture, its imposing palaces and its famous Flower Clock, photographed by hundreds of visitors from all over the world. where you can find varieties with delicious seafood. We will cross the coastal shore, where you can appreciate breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, until you reach Valparaíso, the main port of the country. Its colorful beauty and its unique location between hills, like a true natural amphitheater facing the sea, earned it the declaration of World Heritage by Unesco. We will visit Cerro Alegre, where you can appreciate the magic of this city, with its telespherical, multicolored neighborhoods an