Terms and Conditions


Each User who requests through this website a service with RECEPTIVO ABORIGEN TOURS is entering into a contract in accordance with the provisions of the applicable civil and commercial regulations of the Argentine Republic, under the terms set forth below and states to know.



Declares to be of legal age and have full capacity for hiring with RECEPTIVO ABORIGEN TOURS according to the regulations of the Argentine Nation.



This page is intended to provide information for contracting with the company RECEPTIVO ABORIGEN TOURS only and exclusively unless another purpose is agreed upon by the owner of the same.-

Its exploitation and dissemination are reserved only to RECEPTIVO ABORIGEN TOURS.

The relevant local regulations apply to relations between users, providers and the agency. Likewise, the agency reserves the right not to mediate, interact or contract with users who understand that they violate stipulated norms, rules of common sense and good faith.

Always remain safe legal actions for damages that RECEPTIVO ABORIGEN TOURS can interpose before who injures their interests or infringes clause of the ones expressed in the present.-



It is established that the agency is only an intermediary for the sale of tourism products and services, which, in fact, are provided by the Provider of the same to the User, as the contracting party, although the latter accept that the agency may carry out procedures aimed at effect the service contracted with the Provider. RECEPTIVO ABORIGEN TOURS disclaims liability for faults, misconduct and/or breaches that are generated between consumer and/or user and Lender on occasion and/or on the occasion of the contract they celebrate.

Likewise, it is stipulated that it falls under the responsibility of the consumer and/or user to take cognizance of any event or circumstance that may modify, impede and/or hinder the normal development of the contracted service, leaving the agency exempted from responsibility for the eventual production of that.



1. The Reservations:

They are paid 100% before entering, through the web, and with online payment. - In case it is made through a bank deposit, the payment of 50% of the total value of the contract-


2. Withdrawal and cancellation of operations: Amounts paid as a report, administrative expenses, stamps and interest will not be reimbursed.

If the withdrawal affects services effectively contracted by the agency, the reimbursement will be made as stipulated by the lenders.

In all cases of reimbursements, the agency may retain the value of the accrued expenses due to the hiring plus a commission of ten percent of the services contracted with third parties.

The user may cancel or modify their reservation at least 30 days in advance of the date on which the service will take place. (To cancel or modify your reservation please contact us by calling Customer Service: +54 9 1164944846.)

The cancellation of your reservation before 30 calendar days from the start date of the service will be charged only 10% administrative expenses.

The modification, before the 30 calendar days of the beginning of the service, will be subject to the availability offered by the Lender of the latter and will only proceed to modify it when the same expressly confirms it.

If the cancellation or modification of the service occurs within 30 calendar days of the start of this, no refund of the value paid as a reservation, no exception or for whatever reason.

The partial modification of a reservation will be governed by the conditions foreseen for the total modification of the same already described.

If the contractor do not show for the realization of the service nothing can claim or by any concept.

RECEPTIVO ABORIGEN TOURS, retains the right to cancel reservations made by the User in the event that payment for the service is frustrated, whether due to a denied card, false data or any other type of complications in the purchase process through the website.

When an amount has been paid for a reservation, the total value of the service must be integrated before the 15 days running to the date of realization of the same, under penalty of possibility of the company to cancel the request without having to refund any value to the buyer.-

When the service to be rendered corresponds to the contracting of a transport, the provisions already applied are applied, but in these cases, the part of the price referring to unused services is reimbursed as it disposes at its discretion RECEPTIVO ABORIGEN TOURS

3. Quotas for services: If the services do not have a minimum quota of contractors for any departure, RECEPTIVO ABORIGEN TOURS can reprogram and/or modify it according to they one criterion.


4. Effectiveness of the purchase: To specify the purchase of a service, each user will provide complete passenger information and how they will pay for it.

The purchase is understood made after clicking / clicking "ACCEPT" without any error message after said operation.

Afterwards, an e-mail will be sent confirming the operation with the data of the same and digitalized invoice.

The contractor checks the e-mail provided and if the information referred to above has arrived. In case of error you must notify the agency, taking responsibility for any failure in the data provided.

The contracting parties may denounce or decline the purchase made with the agency at any time, paying the full cost of the service requested.

The payment of the services will be charged to the credit or debit card that this one uses (and with such use it recognizes that it is of its property) in the name of MERCADOPAGO-SERGIOGABRIELGROMADSZYN and it will appear in its account summary in this way.

The agency is not responsible for errors, breaches, shortcomings, intentional or not in which the user may incur during this purchase process; and this will be the one who responds both civilly and criminally in case these circumstances affect third parties or the lending companies.

If in doubt, RECEPTIVO ABORIGEN TOURS, may request additional information from the User in order to verify their purchase.

It is established that requesting a reservation implies authorizing the charge on the due or credit card provided for the purchase made.

5. Price and purchase: The values ​​of the services can be altered according to the economic conditions that influence the costs included in it.

The purchase is deemed effective at the time RECEPTIVO ABORIGEN TOURS is made, the charge is validly made on the credit or debit card provided by the User or the amount of the service is received by transfer.

The confirmation of the purchase is produced by the issuance of tickets or service orders and their respective invoicing.

Prior to this, the values ​​that are paid are reserved.

The prices referred to on the Web include local taxes and are final prices.

(They do not include entrance to National Parks, port taxes, local accommodation taxes, various activities, visits of any kind, or any snack, unless the activity indicates it.) Such additional services can be paid at the place where it is provided the service)



- Meals and refreshments as it relates for each opportunity.

 -Visits and excursions that refer.

- Transfers to and from airports and terminals and hotels, when indicated.

- Tour, whose duration will be mentioned in each case, for which it will be taken as the first day, the departure day, and as the last day included, the day of departure from the destination.-

SERVICES OR ITEMS NOT INCLUDED: 1) Extras, refreshments, laundry, boarding fees, service taxes, VAT and other taxes, tips, or any service that is not expressly indicated in the service order issued by the travel agent . 2) Stays, meals and / or additional expenses for cancellations, delays in departures or arrivals of means of transport, or reasons beyond the agency. 3) Refreshments in travel, except those that were expressly included in the programs. 4) Expenses and interest in credit operations.

(Rates for listed services are subject to availability at the time of booking, and to variations by suppliers without prior notice, that is, they are not guaranteed until the service is issued (ticket or voucher). penalty for modification of schedules, dates and for return Some promotional rates do not allow modifications or refund and require strict compliance with the regulations that frame their application The policy of advance purchase of promotional rates is irremovable, since airlines have systems robotic control and cancellation of places- Verify that your documentation is in order.)

6. Travel abroad: Each contractor assumes the responsibility of knowing the rules in force in the country where the service is developed and its requirements and requirements so that it can be carried out, exempting the agency from any fault due to the consequences that the contracting parties they may have ignorance and infraction to those.-

7. Variations in the service: The agency reserves the right to alter totally or partially the offered routine and / or activities and services that make up the purchase, before or during the execution of the same, for climatic, technical, or human reasons. The agreed accommodation may be modified by another of equal or greater category, without the passenger having for this circumstance, right to any compensation.- The variations that come from the contracting party that modify or alter in any way the service that has hired will not give rise to any claim. RECEPTIVO ABORIGEN TOURS reserves the right to make the tour leave any passenger whose behavior or health condition or other circumstances cause danger, risk or inconvenience to the other passengers and / or complicate or complicate the completion of the service. 8. Assignment to a third party: The contractor may assign and / or transfer his service to other persons up to 30 days before the departure date, unless it can not be carried out due to causes attributable to the hotelier, transporter or the company providing the service. In the assignment or transfer, the agency may receive an extra value of 10% of the amount agreed.


RECEPTIVO ABORIGEN TOURS disclaims its liability in the event of incidental cases, force majeure or unforeseen circumstances that hinder or prevent the continuation of the service that the User has contracted. Eg Strike, attacks, traffic accidents, etc. F. WEBSITE RECEPTIVO ABORIGEN TOURS offers this website for Users to contract tourism services, in no way is responsible for the information, data, references, links to other sites, to which the User is exposed or sent by other search engines, websites and / or links. RECEPTIVO ABORIGEN TOURS is only responsible for this website, no other similar or reference to the agency is legitimate, so it is excused from any action that they perform to the detriment and / or detriment of Users. Likewise, it is established that RECEPTIVO ABORIGEN TOURS does everything possible to ensure that the maintenance of this website, as well as the fidelity of the data contained therein, are always in accordance with the law and up-to-date, but it is safe for users to know that in any computer system may appear flaws, errors and flaws. - RECEPTIVO ABORIGEN TOURS invites its Users to show the agency any knowledge they take of this type of failures in order to be able to give a prompt solution and due repair. G. INTERPRETATION Recruitment made with RECEPTIVO ABORIGEN TOURS either personally, via the website, mail or telephone will always be subject to interpretation as provided by our civil and commercial regulations and appealing to the principle of good faith of the contracts.


For the case of conflict (any question arising from the celebration, performance, breach, extension or termination of this contract) between RECEPTIVO ABORIGEN TOURS and the Contracting User is agreed the Jurisdiction of the Courts of the Federal Capital of the Argentine Republic , at the option of RECEPTIVO ABORIGEN TOURS, making the User, upon contracting with the Company, express waiver to another jurisdiction.-